The App With Over 400 Maltese Digital Books


Octavo is an eBook app that stores different digital books in a variety of languages. With options available in Maltese, English, German and Spanish, there are also plenty of categories to choose from, including kids, young adults, satire, action and philosophy.

Creating a digital library

The platform is both a reading and a publishing one, offering a new way of accessing digital books. Readers can either stream or download book, allowing them to curate their digital library, and if you’re using it to learn a new language, there’s a nifty built-in dictionary to help you out.

The app also works for organisations or institutes will varying degrees of reading ability. Different roles can be assigned within the organisation, with monitoring tools available to keep track of progress.

Though there are some free books available, like any eBook platform, there’s a fee for getting access to the good stuff. There are over 400 Maltese books on the platform.

Works for publishers too

Though some of us will always remain loyal to printed material, there’s no doubt that eBooks, or in this case, oBoooks, bring certain advantages to the table. Publishers can digitise existing collections. Authors can produce digital content complete with engaging images, optional comprehension exercises and more.

Do you prefer eBooks or physical books?