Meet Testimatic – the Anonymous Testicular Cancer Test


Need to get your balls checked for testicular cancer but are too embarrassed to visit the doctor? Meet Testimatic – a team of medical specialists in New Zealand who are taking testicular cancer testing to a whole new level.

Testimatic found an innovative way of testing for testicular cancer by creating a ball-checking booth to encourage young males to get themselves checked for testicular cancer without feeling embarrassed to do so.

The initiative hit the gadgets team radar who set out to discover more about this unique way of checking for testicular cancer.

How does it work? A man enters a completely private booth, down with the pants, and a doctor physically examines the man with his hand anonymously through a hole and looks out for signs of testicular cancer. 

Testimatic in action

What it looks like in the booth
NZME journalist Heath Moore has a testicle test today at Big Boys Toys in Auckland. 15 November 2018 New Zealand Herald Photograph by Doug Sherring

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in males aged 15-44 and statistics indicate that the rate of this type of cancer is increasing. According to Testicular Cancer New Zealand, 90% of cases are cured – if detected at an early stage, the rate is about 99%.

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