Test drive the electric car Twizy at the Gadgets EXPO


Want to test drive one of the coolest cars? Come visit us at the Gadgets EXPO at the Malta Robotics Olympiad at the MFCC in Ta Qali between the 10th-12th May.

What is so great about this car?

It’s great for the environment

We are all aware of how important it is to care of our environment. New research shows that western societies are consuming insanely high percentages of the earth’s resources. We can make a difference by using the Renault Twizy electric car.

It’s small and can fit easily everywhere

No parking? No problem. The Twizy is just about over two meters in length so it can fit in all those tight spots even around Malta’s busiest cities like Valletta, Sliema and St Julian’s.

It’s economical

Since the Twizy is an electric car, there’s no need to spend any money on fuel. All you need to do is plug it in, let it charge up and get moving.

It’s super fun

Aside from being environmentally friendly and economical, the Twizy is also super fun to drive. It’s compact shape and design allows for a quirky and fun side when you’re in the driver’s seat.

To test drive this great car, visit the Gadgets team at the EXPO. For more information on the Renault Twizy visit http://www.renault.com.mt/cars/Twizy