Terms & Conditions Longer Than Harry Potter Books 🏰


Have you ever read the full terms and conditions of an app you’re about to download? If not, you can’t be faulted. Not only is the language ridiculously tough for a layman, some are ridiculously long. Like, 2-hour reading time kind of long.

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Microsoft Teams is a major culprit. The program so many of us resorted to in order to hold online meetings would have you reading for about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

TikTok is also guilty here. As a short-video platform with clips averaging just over 15 seconds watch time, you could watch 370 TikTok videos in the time it takes you to read the T&Cs. That’s 1 hour and a half, for the record.

What should we do?

Here are the top 13 apps downloaded in the UK this year, with the average amount of time it would take to read through their T&Cs and privacy policies. Add them all together, and that’s over 17 hours, and longer than any of the first three Harry Potter books. What’s the alternative though?

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Not using the app at all is not a viable option, so resort to your gut feeling. If you feel uncomfortable allowing the app access to contacts or microphone, for example, you’re better off without it.

Should companies be making their T&Cs more transparent, or is it up to us to read carefully and thoroughly? Let us know in the comments!