How Many of These Predictions Will Happen in 2019?

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A year can be a very long time in the world of technology, and every year brings with it brand new possibilities. 2018 saw more than a few great additions to the tech world. As well as a few latecomers that might get their chance to shine in the brand new year.

With that said, here are the Gadgets team tech predictions for 2019:

1. Foldable Screens will be the new rage

Samsung Foldable Phone2. Slow year for Apple with iPhone Sales (Unless they introduce Type-C or Over-the-air wireless charging)

Iphone Slowdown?3. New Advancement from Tesla

Tesla Battery Advancement4. 5G will finally land

5G Network will finally become mainstream5. Revolut will allow loans in Malta

revolut-app6. App that reduces our time on Social Media

Social Media Killer App7. A Blockchain app will strike gold

Blockchain to grow8. DJI will replace or acquire GoPro

Dji will acquire gopro9. AI will kill the first traditional job

Robots to replace humans10. Malta will hit the Alternative Energy Target

Malta to beat renewable energy targetThis list is by no means final. Like we said, a year can be a very long time in tech. We might also see some crazy new tech that no one could have really predicted.

What are your predictions for 2019? Let us know in the comment section below.