Planking Away on a Friday Night


Clintess the chauffeur-driven princess was the star of Tech Away who asked one of the Gadgeteers to be in her next music next. keep reading till the end to see who Clintess wanted to twerk with.

For the fourth week running Gadgets’ Facebook show Tech Away has managed to yet again entertain us and given us a social feel with some of the best food in the country. On this week’s episode the Gadgets trio wine & dine the one and only The Clintess, formerly known as Clinton Paul Malta’s most flamboyant singer.

Food Glorious Food

Rachel couldn’t wait and started eating before everyone else she must have been very hungry as we see her eating away at her steak from New York Best Bistro which may not have been cooked perfectly to her liking but that’s just Rachel being the perfectionist that she is… She would have preferred it more medium – nice and juicy however was especially satisfied with her hummus and chickpeas. 

The production team must be sending subtle messages to Justin and Ian to shed a few kilos. Both were provided a healthy dinner with Justin receiving sushi from Zen and Ian a bulgar wheat and chicken salad from Malata which they both loved. The Clintess let us in on her secret as to how she keeps her body in such good condition by also going for a Thai tofu and seaweed salad from KuYa Asian Pub – The 7 minute plank she religiously does every morning and evening is also a plausible reason those abs are booming, quite a contrast to Justin’s family pack – not something you want to see whilst eating!

Planking Around

The Gadgets team immediately try throwing The Clintess in the deep end with an embarrassing moment on the red carpet at the Lovin Music awards with Sarah Zerafa whilst  Rachel and Ian challenged Justin to try out this 7 minute plank… Do you think he managed to pull this off? 

When it came to our This or That section, the aim is to make our guests feel as uncomfortable as possible and this week’s episode didn’t let us down as Clintess was asked to choose between Justin or Ian… she couldn’t handle letting one of our hosts down have a look and see who’s more her type.

Shake That Booty

Clintess explains how she’s always looking for new dancers and she’d love it if Ian was to make a cameo – we’re all looking forward to watching Ian shake it in an upcoming video, keep an eye out for that one. 

Goody 2 or More Like 300 Shoes 

We also got to find out more about her new reality show ”A Day with The Clintess” as well as her incredibly large collection and obsession with shoes you’d never believe how many pairs the singer owns… we can’t understand where she keeps them all!