Tech Away With Not-So Hangry Claire Agius All-The-Way


After a month of munching on some not-so low-calorie mouth watering cheat-meals, Martina and Rachel decided to have a super delicious healthy dish from Fuel and Co. delivered by Delivify. Who better to grab a salad with than our ‘Tech-Away’ guest fitness enthusiast Claire Agius Ordway… I mean… “All the Way!”? 

Despite the fact that Claire is super tech-savvy, we wouldn’t have risked inviting her to any other slots as we’ve heard she gets hangry. Achille, being the good friend he is, made sure to have Claire’s food delivered before we even started our call! 

At 45-years of age, and a mum of three, Claire is super-duper in shape! Indeed, her 21 year-old wedding dress still fits! Will she flash her chiselled abs at some point? 

Claire’s super cool and supportive husband, Robert joins in an attempt to balance out this female-dominated conversation. Yet, these three chatty women barely give him time to utter a word! In spite of Robert’s effort to neutralise the high levels of estrogen in this chat, these three women had one of those exclusively girl conversation… Well, we put Martina and Rachel together with an ‘Ilsien in-Nisa’ presenter, would you expect any better?

Being super-fit, we had no doubt Claire loves challenges, so why deprive her? We challenged Claire to guess who said what about her and discovered Claire has a love for tattoos and …who would have guessed? Claire gets super jealous when seeing her husband speaking to other women!

Oh! And why not order your take out from Delivify while watching this TechAway episode