Tech Or Treat: Easy, Tech-Related Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just around the corner, but it may result in the lowest effort event in recent memory. Limited gatherings, bars shutting at 11 PM and a general apathy for anything social has led to a strange year overall. Having said that, if you will be heading out, or enjoying your work party responsibly, these are our favourite tech-related costumes that you can try!

The Pumpkin Man

Re-appearing every year by the second week of October, comes The Dancing Pumpkin Man. All you need are slim-fitting black clothes, a pumpkin mask and questionable dance moves. Easy, and effective.

Error 404-Costume Not Found

One of the lowest-effort costumes on the list, but still, it gets points for humour. Not as scary as the Blue Screen of Death, the 404 is still an unwanted apparition on your screen.

[Insert Generic Costume Here]

Honestly, take any stock photo, print it in a decent size and make a space for yourself. Easy peasy!

Photo: @Trungles

It’s all gone to 💩

Well, it’s been that kind of year, so if there’s a time to dress up as the poop emoji, this is it.



Not a fan of Halloween but want to join with minimum fuss? After watching “The Social Dilemma”, Facebook can be classified as “scary content”. Write “BOOK” on your face, Jim Halpert-style, and you’re set.

Getty Images

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

The Snapchat furore died down a while ago, but the spirit lingers still. Grab a sheet, colour in accordingly and off you go.


Zooming by

This could be classified as the Year of Zoom, such has been the increase in the service’s popularity. Print out a screenshot and leave a spot for yourself. We’re not sure if it will fit on-screen during an actual Zoom call, but you’ll get points for effort.


Netflix & Freeze?

Setting up for a scary movie night? We got you the perfect costume for that too.

And what will you be dressing up as this Halloween? Stay tuned to find out what the Gadgets Team got up to!