WATCH: How Tech is Alleviating the Effects of the Global Health Crisis


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a rapid threat that requires rapid measure. The healthcare workers can’t do everything alone, so what technology and measures are in place to make sure they’re getting all the help they can get?

Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, these are terms we’re used to reading about and seeing on the internet, but one question always remained. How does all this technology affect us personally?

Perhaps now in this new kind of normal we’re living in, we’re starting to see the use of these technologies applied to the statistical decision making of the country, where projections of infection rate can be calculated through human behaviour and other factors. This goes hand-in-hand with blockchain technology where researchers and statisticians require immediate and untampered access to this vital information, to properly predict and react to the situations as they develop

Gadgets and have brought all this to the table in another episode of the COVID-19 tech discussions. Ian and Dana talk about this new term called telemedicine, where doctors and healthcare professionals are now making their jobs easier, and more importantly safer, by for example carrying out video calls or online conversations with patients to give a diagnosis, if necessary. This allows the doctor to help the patient, whilst diminishing the risk of infection by coming into contact with them.

Hon. Clayton Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy has spoken about this topic amongst others, and emphasised the importance of technology being implemented in services, and how Malta is striving to be at the forefront of new, innovative ways of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many countries have neglected the implementation of technology in government services and public services, but countries like China have a firm technological grasp on the situation and through the help of technology, it was able to handle the COVID-19 outbreak in ways that saved countless lives from being added to the death toll.

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