If Your Business Is Not Online, It Won’t Survive COVID-19


Coronavirus Forces Digital Transformation in the Business World and the Post-Coronavirus World where Digital is King 

We’re living in a very different world. As we know, the coronavirus (or COVID-19) is affecting every kind of industry. Government and health sector directives to stay at home and minimise human contact as much as possible has definitely changed the way we do business and the way we live our daily lives. The one thing that is connecting us all through these trying times is technology. The internet being the backbone of all the tools and programs we use to get our work done, and to connect with distant relatives and loved ones

Gadgets and Tech.mt have teamed up to discuss a range of topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital world. This episode covers how local businesses can make the best out of the current situation, and thrive on it, such as local incentives set up by Malta Enterprise for businesses looking to maximise their online presence, or create a new one to get a run-up on their competitors. 

This episode had Dana Farrugia, the CEO of Tech.mt give her advice and opinions about the COVID-19 pandemic and how businesses should prepare, how they should react, and what to start implementing to make the output of their products as effective and eye-catching as possible. 

“Employers should start investing in their employees so if things start leaning towards AI and more optimised digital systems, the employees would be trained well enough to embrace these new technologies, and use them properly. There are financial incentives that are administered by Malta Enterprise that one could inquire about as well. 

Nowadays, certain companies are realising that whomever lacked a strong online presence during these times suffered greatly in comparison to their competitors because the only way clients were able to see what you were offering was solely through the online world.” 

– Dana Farrugia

What we know for sure is that things will never be the same after all this, and we’ll all be working differently and living very different lives. What do you think will happen to office workers who can work from home after the Corona pandemic? 

If you have any queries or want help on how you can make your business thrive in the digital world, Tech.MT can guide you in the right direction. Contact them at: techmt.contact@tech.mt