Helped This Start-Up Launch Their Product


The tech world is vast, and businesses require all sorts of different skills and tools to get themselves up and running in today’s fast paced world. For foreigners planning to branch out to different countries to set up their businesses, things can easily get intimidating, especially if you don’t have anyone to guide you through the lay of the land.

Gadgets in collaboration with got in touch with RiskDeck; a foreign startup that is coming from the USA and Europe and they’ve recently incorporated their company in Malta. 

Who is RiskDeck 

RiskDeck is a risk management and compliance solution dedicated to asset managers, risk managers and also institutional investors. The team is composed of experts in the field of IT, investment banking and asset & risk management. 

RiskDeck provides real-time reporting and report analysis, accessible anywhere since it is a web-based platform. The idea is to give you full control of your data, which is hosted on either the client’s servers or RiskDeck’s secure servers, which can be cloud-based. This kind of program attracts risk and asset managers the most, both of which are essential for good management. helped RiskDeck cement itself into Malta’s business world, and was vital to their integration.

How Helped RiskDeck

and why foreigners should choose Malta to start their business

Naturally, starting up and delving into matters such as risk management requires an understanding of the country’s laws and regulations, which was more than happy to provide. It’s essentially a single point of reference for information about the laws of the country, what to do, where to go and who to talk to.

Foreigners choosing Malta as their destination to develop their solutions is great for the country, and invested in this. came across the company whilst they were establishing themselves in Malta, helping them delve into bureaucratic processes, linking them with potential investors, possible potential clients and pushing them in the right direction. This whole process saves a lot of time and money for the company deciding to establish themselves in Malta.

Starting your business venture in Malta has many advantages, to name a few, the taxation system, which provides up to 6/7 refunds to foreign shareholders, full tax exemptions for holding companies and no withholding taxes or stamp duties in case of profit repatriation. Pair that with low company formation and maintenance costs, it’s a very attractive deal.

Many foreign companies have started up or opened offices in Malta and have benefited tremendously from it. is there to ensure that all necessary help is given to those who need to know what to do when starting up in Malta, and can quite literally make or break the company. With the right advice and investments, you can’t go wrong, and helps with just that.

Head of Development at RiskDeck, Lucas Maliczak explained how have worked diligently with RiskDeck to help them contact the necessary people to get investors, clients, and also technical advice to get their work off the ground and into the market. 

RiskDeck as a whole highly benefited from discussions with, especially since they have a strong focus and belief in the digitisation of several industries, in this case the finance industry.