Guided This New Service Making Deliveries 100x Easier


If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner living in Malta, you know for a fact that the entire country depends on deliveries and online services since the whole world is going through a pandemic, and some countries are worse than others. Takeaway places and restaurants depend on the many food delivery services to get their food to their customers, since at least until recently,  we weren’t able to dine in, and grocery shops and supermarkets had to do the same for people who absolutely couldn’t leave home, so even they needed even their groceries delivered. A lot of people got used to deliveries so they’re using them even more so, now.

Whatever your product, having it online is essential, and have worked together with Maltapost to help them create a service that takes all the hassle and stress out of delivering your product locally or overseas. This service is called eSeller. 

What is eSeller?

MaltaPost’s eSeller provides an easy-to-use platform to help you with the increase in sales, streamline your business and expand to new local and international markets by using Maltapost’s collection and delivery service. Generally, startup business owners would gather all their parcels and start the process of delivering them at the post office in person. With this service, a Maltapost courier will pick up your parcels and deliver them to consumers in Malta or abroad. 

The things that go into advertising your product are many, and we all want a flashy website with an excellent user interface, and proper advertising campaigns to get people talking about your product. Maltapost’s eSeller handles the logistical side of things, where they take over all the storage, handling, packing, labelling and delivery needs of your product.

How does help these kinds of businesses? have always said that local services that provide innovative solutions like these are highly valuable in the local market as they serve to strengthen the service level of the Maltese islands and also provide local businesses with a platform to streamline their processes and invest more time into their product and/or service. Hand in hand with their guidance and sources of information to fully digitise your product, makes it easier for start-up companies and businesses to flourish, and enter the game with a head start.