WATCH: Gadgets That Make Social Distancing Tolerable


Coronavirus is forcing us to stay inside and experience things differently, but how can we make things run smoother, and keep us sane?

If you’re like Rachel, and most of the people on the island, you’ve been cooped up working from home for months now, dealing with trying to keep a work schedule and separating home life from it. It’s not easy with a kid and two cats, as the distractions start mounting up and you’re wondering where all the time is going to work on what you’re meant to do!

Gadgets and have teamed up once again to discuss the multiple different software and hardware available to consumers and businesses alike. Things such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which have been talked about relentlessly the past couple of months. Another interesting system which is easily adopted with Mac computers is the Real-Time Cloud Sharing System (iCloud, anyone?).

This episode covers the following:

1) How to increase your Wi-Fi coverage across the entire home

Dana and Rachel discuss the methods you can use to do this, with a nifty gadget called a Wi-Fi booster. It takes the WiFi Signal and replicates it across the house depending on where you place it. Things like homeplugs that emit Wi-Fi, and access points, can also be used to make sure you’re covered on the internet side wherever you are in the house.

2) Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If your partner is working from home too, or maybe your brothers and sisters or parents are, you might want to invest in noise-cancelling headphones to isolate yourself from the noise and distractions to fully focus on your work. Spotify volume 100% and let yourself go!

3) House Party/Workout Apps

Working hard is okay, but make sure you play just as hard! Taking care of your mental health is crucial at all times, but now even more so since we’re cooped up inside with the lingering threat of COVID-19 all around us. Apps such as House Party and Workout apps can help keep your mind occupied and your body fit. Combine these with video calls and you can even play or workout with your friends, to keep them company and keep yourself fit!

Hon. Clayton Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy, is a guest on this episode as well, and spoke to us about balancing work life and family life. His tablet is crucial to his work and to contacting his loved ones, and emphasised its importance. Rachel has her laptop which she does everything with, and Dana does the same with her mobile phone.

How are you dealing with social distancing? Are you using any special gadgets at home that are making everything easier? If you have any queries or want help on how you can make your business thrive in the digital world, can guide you in the right direction. Contact them at: