Noodling Away with Ben and Xtina!


Tech Away is back with a bang. This time Justin, Rachel and Ian are chomping down with our old friend and local heartthrob Ben Camille.

Oh, and not just Ben. The X-Factor presenter is joined by his cool-as-ever wife Kristina (or better Xtina), baby Elle, and of course, Elle’s yet to be born brother/sister. (Ben and Xtina are keeping schtum about the gender. But will they reveal potential names?)

The food-theme this week is Asian, and the hosts have got some mouth-watering nosh. Justin goes for Thai with a Prawn Balti from Tikkas, Ian chows down on noodles from Wagamama, the Camille clan receives Medasia noodles, while Rachel opts for a spicy thai green curry from Dr. Juice. The big question remains: is Xtina’s theory that noodles taste better in the box true?

To the Ben fangirls out there, we’ve got something even tastier: a shot of a younger Ben sans-shirt showing off a rather regrettable tattoo.

But if the smouldering shot has convinced you that he’s flawless, get ready for a shocker. This episode will reveal whether the rumours of Ben’s deformed toe are true. WARNING: you may lose your appetite. 

Our game of 5 second questions also garners some big reveals..did you know Baby Elle was named after none other than Eleven from Stranger Things? And can Xtina really remember all of Ben’s exes?

For another episode of light-hearted chat and scrumptious food, watch Tech Away now!