“Tbissem”: The Song In Maltese Taking The Island By Storm


Two of Malta’s music giants in Ira Losco and Matthew James Borg have come together to create what could be the perfect anthem for what is hopefully the closing chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sung in Maltese and penned by Kris Spiteri, the song has been more than well-received by the public.


Called “Tbissem”, which translates to “Smile”, the song was commissioned by the Government of Malta with the goal of inspiring hope within the nation.

The song, which is also available on Spotify, comes as a timely reminder that though it’s been over a year of COVID-19 in our midst, we still need to be there for each other. The light at the end of this pandemic-shaped tunnel is firmly in sight.

Is there a need for more songs in Maltese?