Take a trip down memory lane with the Malta Vintage Bus


Vintage Maltese buses might be reborn in a bid to bring back local tradition. The traditional Maltese bus, redesigned by Jonathan Mizzi, will be transformed into an electric, modern version of the renowned public transport.

And how better to commemorate this than by reliving the experience of the old Maltese bus? Yes, they were slow and gave a bit of a bumpy ride but we still loved them. Come and enjoy the Malta Vintage Bus at the Gadgets EXPO at the Malta Robotic Olympiad at MFCC, Ta’ Qali between 10-12 May.

Why should you come and visit the Malta Vintage Bus?

Relive old memories

The moment you step on the Malta Vintage Bus you revisit your childhood memories. Hours spent on the bus waiting to meet friends at Golden Bay. The excitement of sitting at the back of the bus with friends, passing the time between one place and another.

Rekindle your more spiritual side

With saintly stickers splashed over the dashboard and religious objects aptly placed by the driver’s seat, the buses give us a sense of Maltese culture. It’s a tangible reminder of our nanna’s spiritual traditions.

They’re colourful

The colourful Malta Vintage Bus is a true reminder of what Malta is known for – fun in the sun. The brightly coloured buses are representative of our bright sun and great summers.

Revisit the simple life

Maltese Vintage buses are a reminder of a simpler life – paper tickets, no seatbelts, old leather seats and metal bars – an oddly irresistible charm.

A remake of these traditional buses will bring part of the Maltese culture back to life. Come and visit the Malta Vintage Bus at the Gadgets EXPO at the MRO. See you there!