‘Summer School Of Invention’ To Help Prepare Students To Meet Future Challenges


Creolabs is once again offering students aged 7 to 13 the opportunity to participate in the School of Invention (SoI)- a summer programme that is designed to promote creative thinking, innovation and invention – which will be held between July and September 2022.

Gadgets spoke with Creolabs director Joseph Woods, who told us that the programme is open to anyone, irrespective their interests. The sessions will be interactive, giving students the possibility to work in teams, where they can generate ideas and develop creative thinking and invention techniques.

Creolabs provides professional consultancy services in the field of creative thinking and idea generation, as well as training courses and products to Maltese and international entities. The School of Invention programme has been running since 2016, with around 650 children having participated.

We spoke to a past student, as well as two mothers of past students, who told us about their experience with the SoI.

‘A place to let my creativity run wild & use it to my advantage’

Vanya Gelfo: “From the moment I had heard about the School of Invention, I immediately knew that this was going to be something that completely changed the way I think about everything. School of Invention gave me a place to let my creativity run wild while at the same time helping me to control it and use it to my advantage.

“Even though it’s a school, I never felt like it was anything like what I had always associated as a school because the lessons were always fun, interactive, and interesting and I never wanted the day to end. School of Invention helped me learn the value of being an entrepreneur and to this day I still use all the skills I was thought back when I attended SoI. I am now 19-years old and attend university as an engineering student and wherever I go, I always look for new ways to expand on what I had learned.”

‘Invaluable hands-on approach’

Rowena Scicluna: “Something like the School of Invention was very long overdue in Malta. When we got to know about it in 2016, there was no doubt in my mind that my son would enjoy it immensely. He learnt about entrepreneurship, how to organise his thought processes, organisation skills, and prioritising tasks, among others. He learnt about the Internet of Things, and the School of Invention opened up his vision & interest to the vast technology available in our life today.

“The hands-on approach to the sessions was invaluable, as were the site-visits to factories, the Malta Council for Science and Technology, and others. He is now 17 and started 6th Form, and School of Invention is still very close to his heart, so much so that he kept attending for a while, even past the age limit. I cannot recommend it enough, nor thank Creolabs enough for bringing this to Malta! As I will keep saying, I wish there was a SoI for adults!”

To this, Joseph Woods replies that there will be an SoI for adults, but more about that at a later stage.

‘Grateful for the innovative growth mindset that Creolabs fostered’

Erika Micallef: “My son found the invention school to be a learning heaven, where he could learn practical skills and explore innovative thinking with like-minded professionals and peers. He was always excited to go and couldn’t get enough; this wasn’t just any school; it was a fun place where he could let go of his ideas and be challenged to critically analyse how to bring them to life.

“He learned how to design and 3D-print items, as well as design projects and try them out, among other things. He was encouraged to conduct his own research, which assisted him in becoming a self-directed learner. Despite the fact that his experience was cut short owing to the Covid shutdown, the skills he learned were invaluable when schools were closed and he had ample time to experiment.

“Boredom was never an issue. Although he is now 14 years old and above age to attend the school, he still intends to stick around because the founders of Creoabs are now friends, with whom he has maintained contact and who have continued to follow in his endowments to date. Most importantly, if I could highlight just one benefit of him having attended the School of Invention, I must add we will always be grateful for the innovative growth mindset they fostered in him, which will come in handy throughout life.”

Registration for the School of Invention is open. The programme runs between 7 July and 7 September 2022, and the sessions will be held at the National Sports School in Pembroke. A fee of €350 applies for the duration of the programme. Further information and registration details can be obtained from Warren Zammit via email warren_zammit@yahoo.com.

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