STEM Awards: Moving Way-Past The Traditional ‘Study By Heart’ Education Model


The first-ever Stem Awards Edition happened this 9th of July, where through a process of nominations and shortlisting, an award was presented for each, different 10 categories.

The Stem Awards is an Esplora initiative towards the appreciation of different individuals and entities for their work. commitment and positive contribution towards STEM

STEM Education: Less “Pappagallati”. More Critical Thinking.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. As a philosophy, it embraces a more open and holistic educational approach that moves with time and is open to positive changes towards the improvement of society as a whole.

STEM education challenges the current ‘pappagalata’ (study by heart) education system where students ‘study by heart’ and then proceed to do an exam or some other form of assessment. Not the STEM curriculum! It teaches its pupils to adopt a more critical mind, logical reasoning and empathic skills that help them towards better communication and collaboration skills.

“I aspire for more women to work within the industry”

An important landmark during the STEM awards ceremony this year was when Sabrina Camilleri, awarded as Best Secondary School Teacher for Contribution to STEM, made an important comment.

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Sabrina Camilleri, winner of ‘Best Secondary School Teacher for Contribution to STEM’ Award

In her short speech upon given her award, Camilleri said “I only have one wish. Even though the number of female youths who are interested in STEM has increased, I still would like to see more females working within the STEM industry. I will do my best to work towards that.”

Well-deserved awards

Taking home two of STEM’s awards is Joseph Borg – genetic researcher at The University of Malta, who has hit many headlines recently not just within local scenes.

Borg posts a heartfelt thanks on his Linkedin account; as he announces his awards for STEM’s Ambassador Award and STEM’S Young Researcher Award.

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You can see the full list of awards here.

Share the STEM knowledge towards a better educational system that inspires rather than dictates; that challenges rather than foresees.