Companies Are Spying On Your Emails. Here is How To Stop Them

gmail emails being spied on

Safety nowadays has gone away from the traditional safety that we’ve heard of in the past. Nowadays safety is also referring to keeping yourself safe online. This involves personal details, mail, sensitive information and more.

Recently, Google went under fire after reports went out that Google reads your email which they quickly threw water on after Google’s director of security, trust and privacy simply stated that “No one at Google reads your Gmail”. Although we are convinced of this, we don’t usually like to take chances and have come up with a way to make sure that this is the case. Follow these simple steps to make sure that no one who isn’t meant to have access to your mail will be reading your emails. This tutorial will tell you exactly who has access to your email and will give you the power to revoke their access.

How do I make sure my emails are safe?

Step 1

Head to Gmail and click your profile picture in the right corner of your screen.

 gmail page screenshot


Step 2

Click on my account.

account google profile picture

Step 3

Once you are on the settings page, look for “Sign-in & security”, then click “apps with account access” underneath it.

apps with account access Google

Step 4

After doing this, you will be met with a (hopefully) short list of apps that have access to a portion of your Google account. This happens because, at some point or another, you had allowed them access to your Google account.
Click on “manage apps” link to check out what permissions these applications have.


Step 5

If the application says “has full access to your Google account” they are able to scan emails and use any information they find.

Step 6

After finding the apps that are spying on your emails, it is time to revoke access. To do this click on the application and press “remove access” and then confirm by pressing “Ok”.

You would’ve thought that after GDPR and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, applications will only ask for permission on the information they truly need and not use you as a bucket of information for the taking.

Do you think companies have access to too much of our information? Tell us what you think in the comments below.