SONY’s Robotic dog AIBO is coming to Malta


For the first time ever in Malta, Gadgets is bringing you the latest in pet technology. The SONY AIBO robot dog. The new version of the robotic dog will be at the Gadgets Expo at the Malta Robotics Olympiad taking place on 10, 11 and 12 May at the MFCC. On Wednesday, Gadgets will be unboxing this latest gadget live across their social media platforms.


The AIBO behaves similarly to a real dog. It wags its tail, barks, and even obeys commands such as sit. It can even find its own bone and you don’t have any hassles of toilet training. The AIBO is a must-see at the Gadgets Expo if you’re looking to experience the latest in robotic pet technology.

Gadgets thrives to bring you the latest in technology and innovation, and for you to experience it hands on. “Becoming part of the MRO was a natural progression for us. After more than a decade of showing the latest tech on the Gadgets TV show and on social media, we are now ready to showcase the gadgets in a more tangible manner,” said Gadgets Producer and Director Justin Camilleri.

Mr Camilleri has been producing and directing the hit show alongside Martina Zammit and Rachel Cachia, who also take on a directing role, for over 10 years.

“Gadgets is growing and the main purpose behind the brand is to educate and inform the local public in an entertaining manner on all things tech. Both locally and internationally. Our Gadgets Expo is for both technophobes and gadget geeks to become familiar with the technological world we live in,” said Gadgets Director Rachel Cachia.

Rachel has been spearheading the Gadgets show alongside her co-host Ian. With the direction of Martina Zammit who hails from various media experiences.

Gadgets Expo

Technology is pushing the world into different dimensions and we want people to experience the future, today. We view the Gadgets Expo as a celebration of all things Tech.  We are proud to be part of this great festival,” said Gadgets Director Martina Zammit.

The MRO will also see top tech brands, a Robot SUMO Challenge and a Digital Careers Expo. The careers expo is for teens and young adults who are looking for information on job opportunities in the digital industry.