Should We TikTok in Uniform?


Aaaah… Malta… The land of pleasant beaches and mouth watering pastizzi… Oh! and VIRAL content brimming from every corner of the archipelago. We’ve all received and watched that local police woman dancing to some TikTok trends.

These videos in particular were widely spread on WhatsApp on Monday evening and uploaded on popular Facebook meme group, Malta Pastizziposting.  Neil Buhagiar moderator of such Facebook group received a call on Tuesday morning from a police officer warning him with legal action to remove videos. 

The question is, should people in uniform perform such antics? Ok, Covid times are rough and pretty boring, but wearing the uniform of a police officer requires a bit of caution. To some the Police Constable made a mockery of her profession. We all remember that video of the AFM soldier driving around a gate, which then led to some heavy repercussions for the guy. 

We’ve all had a job which required us to wear a uniform at some point in our lives, and we’d probably be lying to ourselves if we say that we’ve never sent a humorous video to one of our friends. Let’s face it, in such a gloomy period of our human existence, should it be taken so seriously? We’ve seen a number of international doctors, politicians, and soldiers post entertaining videos of themselves on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook – isn’t it a relief from all the sadness and bad news going on around the world? Isn’t it good to laugh sometimes?  

Should we stop, think and consider people’s actions possibly more than the person that shared the video? Or  should we continue to have a laugh with the masses? 

What’s your take on the topic?