Should All Of Malta Be Tested For COVID-19?


In mid-October, Malta received a batch of COVID-19 rapid testing kits that are highly accurate in discerning asymptomatic carriers as well as those showing symptoms. The PCR is still the recommended option, but if you need the results quickly, then the rapid test kits are not a bad way to go.

Nation-wide testing

Air Malta has indicated that they would like to see such testing applied to all pre-flight passengers where possible. It’s a better option to forcing every in-bound passenger to quarantine, and could be one of the first steps in helping the airline begin recovery.

Photo: Chris Sant Fournier

Nationalist Party health spokesperson Stephen Spiteri has asked the Health Ministry to prepare a nation-wide testing plan. Of course, it needs to be a clear plan, but as the WHO said, the best way to fight the virus, is to know where it is. Slovakia, a country of over 5 million people, tested the entire population, finding that 1% of them was infected. It was a massive logistical operation, but it goes a long way to helping out.

What about the vaccine?

Earlier this week, we spoke about how it’s not yet time to celebrate and consider the virus beaten. The vaccine is terrific news, but we still need to see about global transportation and storage, given its need to sit at -80°C.

The people transporting and protecting the vaccine

On the latter, the Ministry for Health has stated that facilities are available, but they did not say much more than that. Guess we’ll have to sit and wait for now…

Should the entire country be subject to testing? Will you take the vaccine once it’s available? Let us know in the comments!