Short On Time But Want To Shift Industry? MCAST’s Institute Of ICT Offers Short Courses!


If you feel like your career has taken you down a path you thought you’d forever love, but you’re feeling it might be time for a change, trust us; you’re not alone. And if the world of IT catching your eye but you’re not fluent in the ins and outs of it, the MCAST Institute of Information & Communication Technologies is here to help!

Welcome to the Bootcamp

Juggling work and life is tough as it is; adding studies in the mix makes it an even harder feat to accomplish. That’s why the four short courses that MCAST’s Institute of ICT has put together are designed to be engaging, practical and student-oriented so that applicants can enrol in the knowledge that they’re learning real-world skills that are relevant to the industry.

The short courses available are in Bootcamp form, meaning it embraces the core philosophy to deliver the most valuable and practical content in the least amount of time. The four in question are Full Stack Development, Java Programming, Python Programming, and Unity Game Development. For the uninitiated, Java, Python and Unity are three programming languages that are in high demand across almost any job market.

For each course, learning outcomes are delivered in the form of mini-projects, with theory and concepts taught while building these mini-projects during class. Eventually, students will be able to build their own projects, relative to each course, by using all the concepts and techniques learned throughout the course.

About the courses

Full-stack development teaches applicants how to build full-stack web applications using MEAN, one of the most popular collections of JavaScript technologies, namely MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS. By the end of the unit, the applicant should have the necessary skills to find a job as a full-stack web developer.

And by necessary skills, we’re talking about the “zero to hero” path, going from “no programming experience” to “skilled enough to build their own tech projects or find themselves ready for the job market”. How’s that for evolution?

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What else is on the menu?

That last point is also very important because if applicants have already been exposed to programming but don’t have the qualification on paper, it doesn’t count for nought. As mentioned, these courses are pretty much tailor-made for people who are already working, which is why they’re also held in the evening on a part-time basis.

You can take a look at all the IT courses available at MCAST by clicking here, though it’s worth noting that prices may change for different sessions.

An info session about the full-time courses will also be held on MS Teams on Wednesday 28th July at 18:00 which will be available via this link. Make sure to also tune in to their Virtual Expo taking place soon after at 19:00 where a number of students will be showcasing their dissertations and projects!

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So, if you’re looking to start afresh in your career and the IT industry has been doing the rounds at the back of your head, take a look at what’s on offer and apply with MCAST today!

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