Science In The City 9th Edition Promises Enthralling Shows And Time Travelling


Science In The City lands in Valletta this weekend for its 9th consecutive edition, celebrating all the wonders of science and arts.

2018 - Science in the City 2021

The festival is now one of Malta’s most renowned, as the platform offers a unique opportunity for the general public to not just be aware of the scientific and artistic wonders many local gurus are currently working upon, but also giving people the opportunity to engage and interact with scientists, artists and performers.

Sowing seeds

‘Sowing seeds’ is this year’s theme for the festival. The focus for this edition acknowledges the huge shifting life, work and social dynamics the world has gone through due to the pandemic, and how important it is to sow the seeds of research, knowledge and art to adapt, build and grow on such changes.

Time Travelling and a jam-packed schedule

As a build-up to the festival, this year featured numerous online events and pre-festival activities – hosting different NGOs to conduct talks and events that circle around sustainability, science and art.

But the top guns are reserved for the Real-Festival dates – the 24th and 25th of September – including shows, theatre and games for all ages.

Quantum time travel doesn't follow Back to the Future rules

What else? Lo and behold … A Time Traveller Experience – an installation that invites visitors to pass through a portal to other realities. 

Experience some cool sciencing in the heart of the city. View the full schedule.