SCAM ALERT: Do Not Open This “Amazon” Link 🙅


There’s a fraudulent link doing the rounds on social media platforms, this time claiming to be a gift card from Amazon. Although Amazon certainly can afford to send everyone across the globe gifts, (Jeff Bezos is officially the world’s richest man once again) what’s equally certain is that they won’t do it via WhatsApp.

What to look out for

The link in question is usually in the below format, in a message forwarded by a friend. If you do click the link, you’ll eventually be redirected to an official Amazon page, in a bid to put your mind at ease that the link is legitimate. In the meantime, however, a program will be installed onto your device that steals e-banking credentials and other sensitive information.

That information is then shared with cybercriminals who will compromise not only your personal data but also any financial information linked to your phone.

If you’ve received similar messages, either ignore delete them immediately. If you’ve received them from a friend, get in touch with them to let them know their security has been compromised.