Samsung’s Flagship Phone Set For 14 January 2021 Release!

Android Police

Recently we had a couple of insights about the new Samsung Galaxy S21, and yesterday there were some new reveals by Android Police. Though we’re sure there’s plenty more to be revealed in January during the launch, some things can be confirmed now.

Bump’s here to stay

A sleek design is standard for any new phone these days, and the S21 is no different, in all its incarnations. There will be variations between the standard and Plus models vis-à-vis the Ultra. The bump will blend from the cameras seamlessly into the phone’s side in all of them, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a curved screen. All three however will support 5G.

Yes, and?

The Ultra is expected to host an improved 108MP camera sensor and two telephoto lenses, one at 3x optical and one at 10x optical. They’ll each gather more light than previous zooms, but the main camera and ultrawide camera are expected to use the same 12MP sensors across the line-up.

And considering the fun they made of Apple shipping phones without chargers or buds, there are some pretty ripe rumours that Samsung will be doing the same. Yeesh. Also, speaking of buds, the new Buds Pro are expected to launch alongside the flagship phone, with improved noise-cancellation and ambient mode.

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