Samsung S7 – Rumours


It has been revealed that Samsung’s new mobile phone is going under the name “Project Lucky”. Could this be Samsung’s “lucky number 7”?

Looking at Samsung’s previous release dates the phone could be expected to go on sale around April 2016.

Rumors suggest that the phone will look similar to the S6. One of the main debates in the S7’s design is whether the phone will be flat or curved like its predecessor. Some sources also speculate that the S7 will possess a much larger screen….5.7inches in fact. A little over the top in our opinion.

Another interesting speculated feature is the rumored Dual Camera Setup. This setup is said to focus on photography and/or video in low light situations as well as camera accuracy. One lens will supply information related to colour and the other will focus on brightness. This setup is said to double image quality.

Samsung’s got a lot riding on the Galaxy S6’s follow-up, it badly misjudged demand for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge earlier this year, leading to dips in year-on-year profit. It won’t want to make the same mistake again.