Safe Spaces To Discuss All Realities Of The LGBTIQ+ Community


From, exhibitions to discussions to more informal events, Malta Pride Week is packed with activities, as the LGBTIQ+ community both local and worldwide, aims to honor past and present struggles to move towards better futures.

Open discussion is a driving force towards any sort of positive social change. Malta Pride Week also features numerous informative events – all offering a safe space to discuss relevant issues to the community.

1. Make Your Queer Feel At Home

This discussion event invites members from the LGBTIQ+ community to challenge the traditional understanding of domestic spaces and how their daily life experiences can be re-assessed to nurture a positive sense of belonging to the idea of making yourself at home – this will be done through casual conversations about food, home decor etc.

Queerness matters at home: Our storytelling space (Community Discussion)

Happening on the 13th of September, the discussion event will be managed by Queer Anthropologist Rachael Scicluna, and will be held at Valletta Design Cluster.

2. Say it as it is – a safe space to discuss

Honesty in itself is a way forward. The event will offer a safe space where all facets of LGBTQI+ are discussed. The discussion offers no judgment, and the event encourages transparency and honesty from all participants so as to address all the true hard facts – both ugly and beautiful – of the LGBTQI+ community.

The event will happen on the 14th of September. You can register at the Malta Pride Page.

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3. HIV – understand it more

Do you know what it’s like to be HIV positive? A sex education talk will be organised by Malta Pride on the 15th of September. GU expert Dr Donia Gamoudi will answer questions and give advice on HIV prevention and treatment. The event will also see actual stories from different people who live with HIV.

The H in HIV is Human: Talk and Q&A Session

Book now as there is very limited seating for the event.

Pride week is jam-packed with events. See full schedule here.