Watch: Valentina Rossi’s Luxury Bathroom Experience Leaves Us Stunned


The appliance you never knew you needed

Let’s imagine you wanted to redesign your home. Naturally, you would want to give it a fresh lick of paint, maybe change the tiling, free up clutter, make it an open plan. You’d want to buy some brand new appliances and gadgets to keep in line with the modernity, too; maybe a stainless steel fridge, or an Alexa, anything to make your life refreshed and easier. 

Whatever the case, you probably wouldn’t have included a brand new self-cleaning pissoir on your list. Yes, you read that right. We sent our very own Martina to meet local social media sweetheart and radio star Valentina Rossi to investigate further.

How does it work?

Now to avoid any confusion, the lavatory does not clean itself, but rather it cleans its user. Think of it as a toilet-bidet hybrid. As Valentina demonstrates in the clip below, the throne is controlled by means of a wireless remote and has three key adjustable functions to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness.

The system is easy to use; after finishing your ‘business’, the wash setting gives you a ten second douse of fresh water to clean yourself up. Then, a dryer in the same mechanism is used to make sure you’re ready to go! Finally, it is equipped with a feature that ‘traps’ any smell and refreshes the room, bound to save you from a possible awkward first date scenario!

This product is more than just a gimmick to show off to houseguests. Its use abroad highlights its flawless reputation and health benefits. As seen, it truly has the potential to redefine your bathroom experience, and it will most definitely stop you from panic buying toilet paper ever again! 

Is this the gadget of the future? Would you consider buying one yourself? Comment below and let us know!