Rossi, The iPhone 12 & Her Go-To Apps


The iPhone 12 has landed in Malta, and the island’s favourite redhead has just given her thoughts on the new model, and her favourite go-to apps!

Carlo, you had one job

Arriving at midnight through Klikk and eCabs, Val was in celebratory mood, having prepared her apparently infamous apple crumble to keep busy (still hoping for a taste of that some time…). When it did arrive and Rossi went to collect, Mr. Gerada was supposed to watch little Bailey, who silently slipped away to get in on the action.

Onto the real stuff…

So, which are her must-have apps? The standard Insta, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc go without saying but other than that? CollageMaker and InShot video editor are her choices when it comes to editing content, though we won’t judge her on…Noodle Master.

What we were surprised she didn’t mention was Revolut…was that an oversight or is she not a fan of the app?

All apps are created equal…some more than others.

The phone itself

When it came to the phone itself, she had a moment of shock when she read “your account is being used by someone in Mdina”. Carlo was already sounding half-asleep, but his exasperation was evident at that moment. Patience friend, patience.

Wait a minute…

Other than some trouble setting up, Val seems happy with the weight and balance of the phone. Though she didn’t opt to copy her apps directly from one phone to another, the process seemed fairly straight forward, except for one thing. REMEMBERING THE DAMN PASSWORD. The pain is collectively shared by all of us, no doubt.

Despite it being advertised as the toughest smartphone yet, she did invest in a cover for it, leading us to the conclusion that, tough as it may be…is it Rossi-proof? Guess we’ll find out!

Are you looking to get your hands on the iPhone 12? And which one? Let us know in the comments below!

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