Rossi Hits The Tube


Valentina Rossiradio host, content creator, Tech Away pal and now…a youtuber?

That’s right! Valentina, who has a whopping 50k followers on Instagram, has finally taken her talents and infectious energy to YouTube, and so far, she’s killing it!

Hit up her channel and you’ll find some real treats. Her birthday vlog is both heartwarming and hilarious ( and it must be the first birthday vlog to begin with the line “Dak bis-serjeta? Ara l-bajd!”) . Our girl Val documents what she believes is her best birthday yet, and shares some video messages from some very familiar faces.

Another vid goes through her and bf Carlo’s journey, to making their dream house a reality, and captures all the laughs and struggles. If you’re about to buy a house, take a look and give yourself a sneak preview!

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