Rolling Stones: Family Project Shows How Sometimes The Best Tech Is Old Tech


Synonymous with the Maltese countryside are the much-loved rubble walls, or as we know them in Maltese, ħajt/ħitan tas-sejjiegħ. With some being left to dwindle into nearly literal rubble, one family took it upon themselves to rebuild a set, tapping into European funds along the way too.

Open to all Maltese citizens

Taking to LinkedIn to share the news, Raymond Camilleri showed the before and after photos of the area, explaining that the process was part of a family project. “The area has undergone restoration works including the rebuilding of rubble walls and boundary walls which were heavily deteriorated”, he said.

“We believe this project has enhanced better the soil and water management as well as the protection to our environment and extreme climate changes. Such projects and initiatives also take care of our flora and fauna which live within these rubble walls and are important to the overall ecosystems to preserve their nature and keep them in their natural habitat.”

This fund, in particular, is open to all Maltese citizens, eligible under The Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, Measure 4.4 – Support for non-productive investments, which can be accessed by clicking here.

The area in all its glory