One of the First Paintings by a Maltese Robot Sold at Auction for €17,500

Robot Artist Featured Image

Maltese AI Company Umnai led by Angelo Dalli have created the Universal Machine Artist, or Uma, Malta’s first robot artist. Uma is an artificially intelligent robot that was trained by artist Mark Mallia in his style. Since the robot initially had no concept of textures, strokes or shades, Mark had to go back to basics to help train her.

Uma would film Mark while he’s painting and analyse how he paints, as well as the final result. This meant that Uma can not only recreate his style of painting but also his technique. Which in turn makes the painting seem more natural, as if it was painted by a human.

Painting by Mark and Uma
Marks Painting (left) and Umas interpretation (right)

While the result is far more abstract than the painting it set out to interpret, it is an incredibly impressive feat. And she is only getting better. Angelo Dalli said that she is:

…drawing faces. but we don’t know of who and why. But it’s something that is very much in Marks style.

The painting was auctioned for €17,500 at the Malta Blockchain Summit, which was donated to charity. Angelo Dalli also confirmed that the next painting by Uma that will be auctioned at SiGMA in late November. We look forward to see what she’ll be able to create.

Angelo Dalli Comment

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