Support Richmond Foundation And Win A Book Signed By Tom Hanks


Richmond Foundation have  just shared an online competition to celebrate the eBook launch of Dr.Edward Curmi‘s first book and are giving away 3 books signed by Tom Hanks

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Common Sense: A Better Understanding of Social Well Being is a collection of over sixty articles written over the last five years by Doctor Edward Curmi, a psychologist & psychotherapist by profession. In his articles, he develops a number of issues which are likely to touch all of us at some point in time in our life. 

“I felt I had to give something back to the organisation that took me on when I returned from studying abroad, and which is doing so much to break the boundaries in mental health in Malta,”
– Dr.Edward Curmi

This book not only offers a deeper understanding of human psyche but offers very practical advice to the reader, hence the name Common Sense which in times of difficulty might not prove to be so common. Therefore we might need a little help, thats where this little book of useful guidance comes in.

Times lately have been difficult for many of us since COVID-19 hit our shores so this book will surely prove useful to those struggling to get used to this new way of living.
Why not take the opportunity to learn all about self-care and how to deal with difficult situations life throws at us sometimes – now available as an e-book so those of you who don’t have the patience to sit down and read can sit down and listen to the short articles which are full of useful insights and coping mechanisms for a range of different life issues.

This book can be bought for a minimum of €1 which is donated to the Richmond Foundation so the more you can give would be going to a great cause.
Famous actor Tom Hanks had signed few copies of the book Common Sense when he was in Malta filming Captain Philips and The Richmond Foundation is giving away 3 hard copies. 
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