Looking for the Height of Luxury in your Bedroom?


We’ve all been there. It’s December, it’s cold outside. All we want to do is to stay in the comfort of our own home and snuggle up in the warmth of our bed . The wind howls and a warm cup of hot chocolate would go down oh so nicely with our favourite Netflix series in bed. But alas, there is nowhere to place a TV in the bedroom, right? No problem! Royalty Bedding has the solution with the Rhyme Multimedia Bed.

TV ExtendingThe Rhyme Multimedia Bed has a compartment to hold up to a 42” TV with inbuilt speakers and is completely remote controlled. The TV compartment opens up quickly and quietly, at a touch of a button. What makes this bed even better? It is built to ensure no wires show, so the TV looks elegant and stylish. It even has storage compartments for your DVDs and game consoles!

Compartment under the bedThe bed also comes with a handy bedside table with dimmable LED strip lights and USB ports to charge your devices.

If you’re looking for the height comfort and style for your bedroom contact Royalty Bedding on [email protected] or visit their website.

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