Malta Parody Song King Back At It With A New Release!


He’s one of our own, and he’s back after a six-month hiatus. Daniel Dean Kingswell, as always, has his finger on society’s pulse, and something that’s been growing steadily over the past few years is a form of “hate”, as Kingswell puts it, and he decided to draw the nation’s attention to it.

Everyone sing along…

Sung to the tune of OMC’s “How Bizarre“, Kingswell takes aim at a number of Maltisms, namely our driving habits, the excess heat our country suffers, the blocking of Rai Uno during the EURO 2020 football championship…the list goes on, so why not sit down and hear it from the man himself?

Whether you agree with what he’s saying in the song, two things are certain: he’s (mostly) right, and we can’t wait for his next release!

Any chance of Sony Music signing him up too?

What other things would you have included in the song? Tell us in the comments!