Newly Launched Simulator To Train Malta Police Force


The Rapid and Special Intervention Unit and other members of the Police Force will be strengthening their training following an investment in a cutting-edge simulator. The simulator is the first of its kind in the country being used by law enforcement. 

This provides a number of different virtual scenarios based of real life situations faced by our local police force on a daily basis. Basically, the simulator has over 200 scenarios ranging from bullying to traffic stops, domestic violence and burglary which RIU officers will be using as part of their training. The simulator also responds to weapons (not real ones of course) so that the officers can feel as though they are in a real-life situation which will enhance their skill set in the real world and be better prepared to serve our communities. 

This investment came at a hefty €150,000 however the intention is clear as explained by Dr.Byron Camilleri the Malta Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement – “This is another budget measure that we are implementing. It is my and the Government’s responsibility to ensure that the necessary investment is made to enable the Police to do their job effectively,”

Dr.Camilleri also mentioned how technology and law enforcement must work together and go hand in hand.  “In the future, our priority is to ensure that the Police Force is more efficient, well-prepared and fully-equipped to respond to the realities it deals with on a daily basis.”