Rachel Cachia’s take on motherhood, the Gadget Expo and all things tech


Rachel Cachia has been director and presenter of the hit TV show Gadgets for over 10 years. Here she talks to us about Gadget’s participation at the Malta Robotic Olympiad

This is the first year that GADGETS is part of the Malta Robotics Olympiad (MRO). Where did the idea of participating originate from?

We experience and review technology every day. We felt it was a natural progression to be able to share our tech experiences with the public.

Over the last few years we attended international tech fairs such as the IFA, MWC and Showstoppers which showcase a variety of gadgets under one roof. The fairs opened our minds to the beauty of technology and this inspired us to transmit these experiences to the Maltese people.

Rumour has it that you’re no tech queen but you love using technology. You get excited about the way it changes the way we live. Which EXPO gadget are you particularly excited about?

I am very excited about seeing Renault’s electric car Twizy and all the other electric cars. I believe in caring for our environment and by bringing electric cars to the forefront in the automobile industry, we give the opportunity for a greener planet for generations to come.

I am also excited about the GADGETS Instagram Box. I’m looking forward to seeing people’s reactions when they enter it.

How has your experience of becoming a mother changed your perspective about the use of gadgets in our everyday life?

Since becoming a parent, I have witnessed the effects of gadgets on children first-hand. From a very young age, gadgets are insanely attractive to children – they get completely immersed in the gadget they are using. This makes some gadgets quite a distraction. I feel it is important to show children different technologies however it must be done with caution and within limits.

As a mother, I have found a very useful gadget – Gro Company’s Ollie the Owl Light and Sound, sleep aid. It soothes my daughter to sleep at night which in turn, helps us parents sleep better. It plays soothing sounds such as heartbeats, rainfall, white noise static and Brahms Lullaby. It also has a cry sensor so the minute my daughter, Eva, wakes up in the middle of the night crying, Ollie switches itself on with its soothing sounds.

Is there a gadget you can’t live without?

My mobile of course. I can do everything from it – emails, messages and organizing.

I also can’t live without the food processor Monsieur Cuisine. It chops, steams, cooks, fries and then liquidises all the food I need so it’s ready and prepared for Eva. This saves me a lot of time and I don’t know what I would do without it.

Come and meet Rachel and the rest the gang at the Gadgets EXPO at the MRO at MFCC in Ta Qali from Friday 10th May until 12th of May.