Pushing Past Limits & Reaching New Heights: What It’s Like Working With Ennesse


As one of the most recognised business models in accounts outsourcing, Ennesse has been helping businesses thrive as a financial services firm since 2007. Providing tailor-made solutions to its clientele, Ennesse offers a variety of occupations – from accounts clerks, to office clerks and receptionists, to senior staff roles.

Driven by determination and dynamics, the company is led by a team of experienced certified public accountants who guarantee that a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn will get you far.

The camaraderie between colleagues is one of the best things about Ennesse

Gadgets caught up with three Ennesse employees to get an insight into the company dynamics. We asked them about their journey at Ennesse, how the company helped them grow, about the company culture, and also what they would say to anyone interested in joining the firm.

Finance Manager Steve Said said the camaraderie between colleagues is one of the best things about Ennesse.

Finance Manager Steve Said

“When periods of pressure are upon us, the team bonds together to relieve pressure off each other and make sure that no one is under pressure that they cannot handle.”

Not only is the work culture effective, energetic, and multi-cultural, but social gatherings are organised on a monthly basis. The firm also offers training development along the way to help their staff reach their individual and inner potential, as well as evening classes and examination sessions.

Some of the words used to describe Ennesse were “reliable”, “motivating”, and “knowledgable”. As Brenda Cauchi, Senior Administrative Executive explained, the firm provided her with the opportunity to redirect her career and fulfilled her with the belief that “she can succeed to whatever” she sets her mind to doing.

Senior Administration Executive Brenda Cauchi

“This was my first office job because by profession, I was a beauty therapist. If there is one thing you need to have a successful career with Ennesse, it’s that one needs to have a can-do attitude, as well as a great willingness to learn and expand your knowledge. The feeling that you are a pivotal piece of the puzzle in the Ennesse’s success.”

Ennesse gives you the diversity and flexibility that you don’t find everywhere in this field

Indeed, as Jonathan Calleja, Senior Management Accountant, further described, “the growth is there”. It’s a company fit for “anyone who wants to work in accounts with a difference”, because it gives you the diversity and flexibility that you don’t find everywhere in this field.

Ennesse gave Jonathan the opportunity to do accounting in several sectors and industry, meaning that he got a greater exposure than what he had in the past, when he was limited to the sector he worked in (which was hospitality).

Senior Management Accountant Jonathan Calleja

And Finance Manager Steve Said, who joined Ennesse as an Accounts Executive, said that he has grown a great deal at Ennesse, having been mentored and gradually given more responsibility.

Talking about the mentoring process, Steve said this really helps in building up the team members so that eventually they can take on higher level roles. This point alone would motivate anyone interested in joining to sign up immediately!

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