Production Executive: Meet Your Mates


Did you know we’re on the lookout for a production executive? Well, we are, and if you’re looking to vary the spice in your life, find a new challenge or maybe getting into the filming industry has been a dream, here’s what your future teammates have to say about the role.

Monotonous? NEVER!

Whilst we surely won’t allow boredom to ever creep in, rest assured: the job itself will keep you on your toes too. In fact, Nadya, our ever-bubbly Creative Director and Operations Manager, advises to stock up on coffee or tea before starting. After that, get cracking and enjoy crossing stuff off your to-do list.

Make Challenges Fun

If you’ve made it this far in life, you’ll have faced some form of challenge or other. Justin, from our sister company VSQUARED, will tell you that if you manage to keep one step ahead of the production director and director of photography…well, your job is sorted! Weather changes, deadline changes and so on are part of the gig and can be filed under character-building experiences.

Bring the passion

Passion for what we do is what keeps the creativity flowing, breathing life into each and every idea. Dawn Powell, also from VSQUARED, maintains that if you can bring that energy, research, research, (a bit) more research with you on the daily, you’re going to enjoy your time with us, irrespective of us being the awesome bunch that we are.

Get in touch!

If all of the above tickles your fancy, and you’re up for producing excellence, send your CV to [email protected] using the subject line VACANCY: Production Assistant 2020 and let’s talk!