Who From Malta Can Compete With Prince Harry & Meghan’s Podcast?


One of (ex) Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s business ventures is a deal with Spotify for a podcast series, now that they’re out of the royal family. Despite our island not having designated royalty (or former royalty for that matter), the Gadgets Team has still come up with 4 podcast duos that could rival the couple.

DGU & Mark Camilleri

David Grech Urpani, one of Malta’s kings of sarcasm, and Mark Camilleri, the duke of calling out BS when he sees it. Both artistically inclined in their own ways, this is one podcast that could take off without even a script. Just wind them up and watch ’em go.

Jon Mallia & JD Patrick

Straight talking. No messing about. Hilarious and honest in equal measure. If you’re not sure which of the two we’re describing, that’s why we think it would work so well. Despite their similarities, we’d love to see the two face off in discussion where they sit at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Martina Zammit & Eileen Montesin

Queen of Radio vs Queen of Television. Honestly, we’d pay for this to happen, because this is as royal as it’s going to get. We say pop a bottle of wine or two between them, sit back u għollilu naqa għax mhux nisimgħek!

Shyli Rose & Gordon Manche

While the styles mentioned above seem to complement one another, we had to go for polar opposites. Malta’s first recognised pornstar in the same booth as its foremost televangelist? Who’s going to help us make this happen?

So there you have it, four podcast options that could not just hack it with Harry & Meghan but could put them to shame too. Probably to the extent that they’ll be begging the royal family to take them back.

Who would you pick? Let us know in the comments section!