Popular Banking App Gets Its Latest Feature 🖥️


Revolut is a force that transformed the landscape of online banking when it was founded in 2015. Easy to use with highly relevant functions, it very quickly became pretty much the most popular app to use when it came to mobile banking in particular. Now, it comes to another screen near you – desktop.

Another way to bank

In a newsletter sent to customers, Revolut outlined the main benefits of what the web app would entail. “Our new Revolut Web App means you can now securely access your account from your computer – no matter where your phone is.” Basically, if you’ve lost it, misplaced, or you simply left it in the other room as it charges, you’re not bound to your cell anymore.

You can view recent transactions and balances, add money to your accounts, control card security and access the 24/7 customer support. Upon first log in (which you need to authorise from your phone), you’ll only be able to use the basics until everything is fully verified.

Could a different background image have been used? 😬

What do you think of the web app addition? Worth it, or should they focus on other features on the phone app? Let us know in the comments!