PN Given 10 Days To Contact Dark Web Hackers Before Employee Salary Leak


Following a cyber attack via Avaddon ransomware (a type of malware sent via e-mail), the Nationalist Party, has been given 10 days to contact the black hat hackers to learn the ransom amount they are due to pay.

Thus far, the Nationalist Party has said that they will not negotiate with criminals and trust the police and Data Commissioner to handle the issue. Victor Axiaq is leading a magisterial inquiry.

Screenshot via Times of Malta

What’s at stake?

The malicious hackers have threatened to release a horde of sensitive information, including “employee salaries, financial data, employee personal details, client data, payment documents and more”.

Avaddon is a type of ransomware that is usually aimed at companies and individuals who might have access to the data mentioned above.

How do you think this will all play out?