Using your phone here can KILL you


Petrol Stations:

Using your phone at a Petrol Station can be dangerous as Radio Frequency waves come from your phone and may cause a small flame in the petrol.

We all know a flame at a Petrol Station would NOT be fun.


Phones may interfere with the equipment being used which could potentially put your life (and others) at risk. There is usually a point where you are told NO more phones beyond this point.

On a Plane:

We have all heard nightmare stories of Planes being dropped out of the Sky due to someone using a mobile phone on an Airplane. So for everyone’s sake; when you are told to put off your mobile phones – do it.

While Driving:

The fines will never get high enough for people NOT to use their phones while driving. But seriously, it is extremely dangerous for you and everyone around you so please DON’T use your phone and drive.

In Class:

Apart from the fact that your teacher might make you look like a joke in class; it would definitely pay off more if you looked at the board rather than your phone. No matter how exciting your Instagram feed is today.