5 Painful Situations We Experience Because of Tech

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Technology has made many aspects of our lives easier. But it has also opened us up to embarrassing situations that come as a result of our high tech lifestyle. Here are a few painful experiences that most of us share.

Accidentally liking someones photo

Oh BotherWe’ve all done it. Going through someones Facebook or Instagram, and your finger slips. And you accidentally hit the like button, or accidentally double tap in the case of Instagram. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big deal…if you didn’t just like that beach photo from 2012.

You’re gonna be laying in bed thinking about it for a while.

Checking your phone after you drop it

Oh BotherThere are very few things as spine chilling as hearing that splat when your phone hits the ground. The longest 5 seconds of your life as you reach down dreading the moment you turn your phone. Will this be the one? Is this when your phone gives in?

Sending a photo to the wrong person

Don't let them see the painBut not just any photo. A photo that should should never fall into the wrong hands. Or a meme that would probably lose you a few friends. Or make your next family dinner really quiet.

Playing a video on Snapchat with the sound on

I am leaving for Nepal and live as a goat

Accidentally playing a video on Snapchat is always risky. Playing a Snapchat video with your sound on full blast is mortifying. Playing a video on full volume from that one friend that always sends really inappropriate snaps is just painful.

Now would be a good time to go on that long holiday you always talked about.

Playing music without plugging in your headphones

panicHitting the play button thinking your headphones are plugged in. But they’re not. Next thing you know, the sound of your guilty pleasure fills the room as you scramble for the pause button.

How many of these have happened to you? Let us know in the comments below.