Our very own Ian gives his views on the latest Samsung releases


Gadgets has checked out the latest range of newly released smartphones by tech giant Samsung. We got our very own phone techie Ian to find out what is in store for us with the latest Samsung Fold and the S10 series. Here are Ian’s words on the new Smartphone range of Samsung:

Samsung Fold

Samsung Fold

“Let’s start with the Samsung Fold. Its design is disappointing because when folded, it resembles a very Old Nokia Communicator. The outer display is small with its black border surrounding it reminiscent of decade-old phone designs. Another flaw is the screen as unlike other smartphones of its calibre, the screen is made of plastic as opposed to gorilla glass making it far from scratch-proof.

Once opened, the device turns into a seamless, large 7.3inch display. Samsung’s display technology is a much-needed leap in the ever-changing mobile industry.
Its camera selection is fantastic – the Samsung Fold has six cameras. A 10MP selfie camera, a 10MP camera above the smaller screen, a 16MP ultra-wide camera, a 12MP wide-angle camera, a 12MP telephoto camera and an 8MP RGB depth camera. All your photography requirements are sorted with this model!

Why I love it:

  • Super-fast with 12GB RAM
  • Device storage space of 512MB
  • Reliable battery power with two internal batteries
  • Great camera coverage

Now for the bad news. This highly specked-out model is priced at a whopping €1,750 – quite pricey even considering it’s being marketed as a phone and a tablet in one.

Samsung S10

Samsung S10

This is definitely going to be one of my favourite smartphones on the market – the Samsung S10. Why do I love it? It is completely kitted out and fulfils many of my techie phone needs.

Let’s start with its new Infinity-O borderless display, allowing the screen design to go from edge-to-edge and top to bottom of the screen.

It is also HDR10+ certified which enables it to support new viewing specs of some films and games. Its Quad HD+ makes it’s display super high quality with great colour and brightness.

This model also has great camera selection with a total of five cameras. Two cameras are at the front – a 10MP Selfie Camera and an 8MP RGB Depth Camera. These 2 cameras together allow you to capture high quality selfies with depth of field. The back of the phone has three cameras – a 12MP Telephoto Camera, a 12MP Wide-angle Camera and a 16MP ultra-wide camera. The telephoto camera and the wide-angle camera also give depth of field with a high resolution. You may utilize the x2 optical zoom and Samsung claims that the ultra-wide camera takes images with details only visible to the naked eye.

I think this is what differentiates this phone from other similar phone models in the same category on the market – it takes away narrow panoramic photos and creates a visually detailed image. There is also no need to move left to right with this camera as you can just click and go with no fish eye effect.

Another great feature of this model is that it comes with a wireless charger. You can also charge up other devices by touching them to the back of the phone.

Even more good news. The device is priced at just under €900.

Why I love it:

  • Fantastic battery life of up to 1/5 days
  • Incredible device storage with option of 1TB
  • Fast with 12GB RAM
  • Efficient processor with a 64-bit Octa-Core Processor
  • Fingerprint sensor”

It seems like Ian can’t wait to get his hands on them – It’s probably going to be at the Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned!