Our Three Favourite Stories Of 2020


Just as we teeter over the edge of 2020 into 2021, we’re hoping that it’s not a continuation of the 💩-show that this year has been. That being said, there were still plenty of bright sparks to lighten up these 365 days, which is why we’ve chosen our 3 favourite stories we’d reported on. Enjoy!

Do the robot!

When 9-year old Daniel told his mum he invented something, she wasn’t surprised – he’s always coming up with new ideas and creations, she told us. But using a LEGO set to build a robot that cleans the dishes, even she was surprised.

Still shot of the invention

The story makes our list because it just goes to show that when encouraged, kids will come up with some pretty nifty inventions with the tools they have at hand. Who knows where this will lead him in the future?

The Impossible Tattoo

This was one of the stories of the year, in terms of how 5G works, and the first tattoo done by 5G. As inspiring as the video may be, we still had a blast talking with local tattoo artist Dylan Xuereb, picking his brains about the project.

Will we see this in the future? Probably not, but it opens up a whole new bunch of possibilities, from document processing to surgeries and life-saving procedures across entire borders.

National pride

We’re a pretty small island, so when one of our own makes it big outside of our shores, we’re more than happy to celebrate their achievements. So, when Simran Mohnani was named as one of the most influential women in tech in the UK and Ireland, we were thrilled!

She’s achieved so much already, but the road behind her is the fuel needed to light the fires of the future. We’re sure that this is not the last time we’ll be writing about her, and we’re equally certain that bigger and better achievements are just around the bend!

Honourable mentions

Before we go, there were some articles that need quick mentions, that didn’t quite make the list. Bringing a Tesla to Malta got plenty of people talking about the pros, cons and costs of what it all entails; our opinion piece on the PS5 had plenty talking about the cloudy third-party sale laws in Malta; and last but not least, our live coverage of the iPhone 12 launch. It was the first time we attempted it, and we felt it went pretty well too!

What do you think of our stories? Let us know your favourites from this past year in the comments section!