This Company Has Found a Way To Take Teambuilding Online!


Up until 8 weeks ago, Pre-Covid, teleworking was not the norm in Malta. It’s safe to say that it has actually been a shock to the system to every working Maltese person

After scrambling to find a suitable way forward for the past couple of months, most companies have now accepted this new normal, and seem to be getting used to this way of working and living.

One aspect which we feel is just as important as the financial implications which has been brought about, is employee morale. The team at JUGS know the importance of having a happy workforce, and with 20 years of experience, they know a thing or two about how to keep this morale high. They’ve been using this time to work on some new teambuilding ideas to do what they do best, virtually. 

Virtual teambuilding is relatively new to the Maltese islands, and while it is not a replacement to the usual teambuilding, it is certainly a fun way to spend some time with your colleagues during this time of social distancing. The JUGS Malta teambuilding department has created three packages to spice up your workday with fun challenges and activities which will definitely be the highlight of everyone’s day. As Gianni Zammit, Director of JUGS Malta puts it, “Keeping the team active and motivated will result in more creative ideas and a better positive attitude through these unprecedented times”

With a choice of after-work activities, daily boosters, quizzes, and team challenges, there is bound to be something in their repertoire of activities to suit your needs. All challenges can be customized to your needs, and all that is required is an internet connection from the player’s end. 

Get in touch with the JUGS team to find out more about what they can do for your team. Rest assured you will be in good (washed) hands. Contact or find them on Facebook at JUGS Malta.