5 Hilarious Google Assistant Pranks You Can Pull On Your Friends

Ok Google Pranks

Google Assistant can be extremely useful. From setting alarms and reminders to telling your phone to play music. Although, here at Gadgets we love to have a little more fun with our gadgets. We took it into our hands to see what pranks we can pull off on our colleagues’ phones using Google Assistant.

Prank OK Google assistant

Setting Reminders

Ask your trusty google assistant to set a reminder for whatever time. “Ok Google, set a reminder to buy a bag of d*cks at 9 am tomorrow“. You can also be reminded to buy buying headlight fluid, and any number of silly tasks you can think of.

Setting random names

Like Siri, Google assistant can be set to call you by your name. “Ok Google, Call me [insert insult or ridiculous nickname here]“. Get creative. Life has many doors ed-boy

Setting Random Alarms

Probably the evilest one on this list. Grab your friend’s phone when they’re out of the room. Who doesn’t like being woken up at 3 am? “Ok Google set an alarm for 3am”. 

Use IFTTT to be even more creative

IFTTT is an app that helps you automate stuff on your phone. You can set your wallpaper to the top post on the wallpapers subreddit, or text your significant other when your battery is low. You can also use it to set google assistants default responses to certain things.

For example, if you say “Ok Google, call mum“, you can have Google Assistant say will respond with anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Broadcast message on Google Home

You obviously need to have a Google Home for this to work. If you have a google home, you can say “Ok Google, Broadcast a message“, and every google home in your house will broadcast the message. “Entering Attack Mode” is a personal favourite of mine, especially if you’re living with someone who believes machines will eventually rise up against the humans.

What are some of the best pranks you have pulled off using tech? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.