Oh admin, my admin – Meet Malta’s Meme Chiefs


If you’ve not heard of Malta Pastizziposting yet, kindly describe the rock you have been living under. Raising Malta’s meme game, going from humble beginnings to over 28,000 members, we caught up with two of the admins to get the low down on Malta’s chief sh*t posting group.

It had to be Pastizzi

“The name has to be iconic – take “Top Gear OhCockPosting” as an example”, says Alessandro, one of Pastizziposting’s admins. “They use James May’s iconic outburst as the name because it’s relevant and easily remembered”.

Alessandro Grech

Vuk, one of the original admins of the group, said choosing the name was simple: “Pastizzi are uniquely Maltese and it has a perfect ring to it, so there was no debate naming the group”. Simple is also how he became admin: “I was asked along with a couple of other guys if we wanted to manage a page that had just been created, and after 10 minutes, I thought “Screw it, why not?” And now we’re here with almost 30,000 members.”

Vuk Ilić

28k and growing…

How on earth do you begin to manage such a group? It’s a team of 18 admins and moderators, sifting through it all, and the group is a bit self-managing too. People tend to know that it’s a “free-for-all” environment, so there’s no point in taking things too seriously.

What about having a post approved? Meme templates change relatively quickly, but being inundated with the same jokes gets boring very quickly. “If you want your post to be approved,” says Vuk, “just make it original – don’t over-use the same meme template and change the caption slightly.” There aren’t any rules per se, and approval is mostly down to the admins’ sense of humor…just remember that they receive a lot of requests so what you’re sending, they might have seen already.

Meme on Malta Pastizziposting

You take the good with the bad

It very rarely gets really heated in the comments section, though some people do need reminding that no topic is out of bounds. Take the “inti gamer?” questions, randomly thought up by another admin. When someone realised that economy minister Silvio Schembri was part of the group, someone asked whether he was indeed a gamer, which resulted in a friendly back and forth and an invite for an online FIFA20 challenge.

“inti gamer” post and Hon. Silvio Schembri’s response

A similar question was then asked to someone else (we won’t say who, but you can guess), it descended to insults of being fake and having acne, and a sudden influx of 300 “member requests” (read: trolls). “It’s impossible to go through all of them”, says Alessandro, “but we’re not pulling another Vuk-moment and accepting all of them at once”.

When asked which aspect they enjoyed most, both agreed that the genuinely funny memes and banter are great but also seeing a different type of creativity in Malta. “Whether it’s a hilarious caption or top-quality video editing, there are some seriously talented people ready to put in a hell of an effort, just to see a fraction of the population smile.”

Meme on Malta Pastizziposting